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Personal Data Collection in Thailand

If the collection of personal data in Thailand has been random relying mostly on a network of friends working at different companies across Thailand and Thai companies reluctance to consolidate databases, those days are about to change given once again to changes in the use of technology from the PC to the mobile phone.

The infrastructure in Asia and Europe has long been setup in standardized mobile networks that allow handset makers access the web at broadband speeds. Last year’s launch of Apple’s iPhone has put the last remaining player in the market the US allowing the industry to reach critical mass for application.

Looking at Thailand’s three mobile phone users with one phone in the left ear and one phone in the right ear and one phone hanging around the neck the market is certainly ready. The years of investing in the Telecom industry in Thailand has led to this sector receiving as a percentage of investment more than any other sector in Thailand. Multiple single users’ use of mobile phones by the mass market cannot even be seen in the US market but is common in Thailand.

The incentive is ad revenue and the ability to collect more personalized targeted consumer buying information. As 10 ads to a computer page moves down to 2 ads on a two inch mobile phone screen the ability to reach for more consumers in Thailand through the mobile phone handset far outreaches the number of PC users in Thailand. It is a trend that has already begun with your mobile phone operator calling for yet another promotion or getting our favorite news downloaded to our mobile phone.

The difference will be in the details. Microsoft has applied for a patent to combine and use off-line credit and debit card transactions, GPS physical location information and satellite and cable TV viewing habits to produce a tailored ad for you the next time you use your mobile phone. Last year’s announcement by Microsoft to launch any new developments of its mobile user-interface in Thailand first along with other key markets given the unusually high use of mobile phone usage in Thailand.

The on-line ad king Google will launch Android an open operating system for mobile phone interface given it a say in the mobile phone ad placement on the mobile phone. Hyper intrusive data profiling using biometric signature goes beyond collecting data from a single computer or phone by identifying keystrokes and mouse clicks producing a different consumer profile and targeted ad for any family member or friend that uses your mobile phone or computer.

In short hyper intrusive data collection can produce targeted consumer individual profiles each time you touch a device that is connected to the internet anywhere in the world no more knocking on doors or cold calls or even marketing surveys.

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