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How to Plan LASIK Surgry in Thailand ?  asia information

How many days are required for my trip in Thailand?

Lasik center in Thailand recommend approximately 5-7 days in Bangkok in order to complete the initial eye examination, the LASIK surgery, (you can actually have both the pre-op eye exam and the surgery on the same day), and both the 1-day and 1-week follow-ups.  The 1-week follow-up can be from 5-10 days after surgery. *  The rest of the routine check-ups can be completed with an ophthalmologist in your home country. A sample itinerary could be as follows:

Day 1: Arrive in Bangkok
Day 2: Initial eye examination
Day 3: LASIK surgery
Day 4: 1-day post LASIK follow-up
Day 5 to 7: Free and easy
Day 8: 1-weekpost LASIK follow-up

* However, patients need to understand that if unexpected situations arise (although rare) they might need to extend their stay for special care

Pre-LASIK suitability assessment

Please be aware that there is a chance that you may not be a LASIK candidate after completing the pre-operative eye examination, as there are many factors that could affect your candidacy for LASIK.

If you are not in Bangkok, Recommend that you get a pre-LASIK screening exam in your home country to make sure you are a candidate. This might help prevent you from flying to Bangkok unnecessarily if LASIK is not a good option for you. If you are already planning to visit Bangkok, however, you could wait and find out here if you are a good candidate. If you do decide to have the screening elsewhere beforehand, it will be a good reference for us here. TRSC still need to perform the preoperative eye examination again in order to make certain that all measurements meet our standards. It never hurts though for the doctors to have more information when evaluating your case. If you Lasik center in Thailandre determined to be a good candidate elsewhere, there is a high likelihood we will make a similar decision.
Scheduling your post-LASIK follow-up appointments

Lasik center in Thailand usually require our overseas patients to return to Thailand for the 1-week follow-up examination. Our doctors prefer to do this examination in person to make sure the healing has progressed as expected. However, in some cases Lasik center have allowed patients to have the 1-week follow up examination in their home country. Other follow ups can be performed in a patients home country and Lasik center can provide a list of clinics.  All charges from other clinics must be paid by the patient or provide free follow-up exams for patients etc. TRSC.  Lasik cente strongly suggest that all patients have a routine eye check up yearly whether they have LASIK or not.

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