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Lasik Technology and Prices Compare Thailand vs USA  asia information

Lasik Technology and Prices Compare Thailand vs USA

How our fees compare

Prices for medical treatments in Thailand are generally a fraction of those in more developed countries while maintaining and often exceeding the quality of medical care, technology and expertise found in those countries. Here is a idea of what LASIK may cost (prices in US dollar, may vary depending on currency exchange at the time.):






Pre-LASIK examination





LASIK for 2 eyes (average)





Intra-ocular lens (per eye)





Cataract surgery (per eye)





Wavefront lasik
Intalase lasik
Intalase lasik
Wavefront lasik

Please note that if you wish to pay by credit card issued outside Thailand, you should notify your Bank to expect the transaction to be made in Bangkok, Thailand for LASIK treatment as it is common that the Bank will note this as a fraud or exceed maximum credit allowance and deny the transaction. This can delay your surgery so we would like to inform you so you can be fully prepared coming into the clinic for surgery.

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