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 Laservision International LASIK Center

Laservision International LASIK Center

Laservision International LASIK Center is a private refractive surgery center that specializes in treatment of all refractive error problems, including near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism.? Laservision International LASIK Center guarantees the most accurate results by using a highly advanced LASIK procedure, which is internationally recognized as being safe and effective. Laservision International LASIK Center was established in 1998, with the ultimate goal of providing the best in LASIK service. Following the internationally set standards and guidelines accepted by ophthalmologists and patients worldwide, our highly skilled refractive surgery specialists and staff aim to achieve the best result for you, our patient.? The Laser Vision Professional Center looks forwards to providing you with the best in eye-care treatment.

Mission Statement

  • To achieve the international standard of refractive surgery performance and service.
  • To be widely known for having the best Professional Team of staffs and the medical team
  • To be recognized as a world leader in the refractive surgery service.
  • To continuously acquire new and advance technology in refractive surgery, and excel in competency level to achieve our customer satisfaction
  • To conduct our research and development team of refractive surgery


  • Customer satisfaction is our one best goal, thus we listen to our customers attentively and conduct their satisfaction.
  • Our Professional

???????????????? Focus on being Professional in 4 aspects which are

    • Pro Medical Team
    • Pro Technology
    • Pro Experience
    • Pro Service
  • Our Future
    With our strong ambition to grow together,? our teamwork, our doctors, staffs, refractionists, management team are now aiming for long term professional service in LASIK surgery and are trying our best to achieve this goal for total customer satisfaction

Laservision International LASIK Center
49/1 Laser Vision Building., Ratchadapisek Rd,
Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Tel. ???+66 2 939 5494
Fax. ??+66 2 939 5495

Location Map

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