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 Samitivej Sukumvit Hospital

Eye Clinic at Samitivej Sukumvit Hospital

Using the Latest Intruments for the Best Of Your Eye Care Samitivej has a high quality eye clinic & ophthalmology center in Thailand. Our comprehensive Bangkok Eye Center utilizes the latest state-of-art technologies. At Samitivej, is where you can find a team of certified eyes doctors in Thailand. Our hospital hosts one of the most innovative eye surgery clnic in Bangkok. We can operate laser eye surgery in Bangkok with many advanced medical advantages. Receive eye lasik in Thailand at our most recognized eye care clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

The Eye Clinic at Samitivej Sukumvit Hospital has been serving patients for over 25 years. We recognize that the eyes are the essential organs which enable us to see the world and perform many activities. Therefore, it's vital that everyone take special care of their eyes and make sure that the eyes are always in good health.

Our clinic is proud to offer eye check-up and treatment services by a rotating team of experienced and specialized ophthalmologists and nurses.

Our clinic has modern facilities, medical equipments and instruments that keep up with the on-going medical evolution. Our ophthalmologists are available everyday during normal clinic working hours. Before or after our clinic working hours, our ophthalmologists can also be contacted via phone for consultation.

Our Facilities and Medical Technologies
  • 3 Check-Up and Consultaion Rooms
  • Eye Exam Room
  • Auto Refraction Measurement
  • Eye Pressure Measurement
  • Visual Acuity Test
  • Fundus Camera Room to view and photograph the retina
  • Visual Field Analyzer and Lens Measurement Room
  • YAG Laser Treatment Room
  • Argon Laser Treatment Room
  • Phaco Machine
  • Ophthalmic Laser Machine
  • Computerized Visual Field Analyzer
Various Eye Diseases

Our Physicians and Specialists

    Retina & Vitreous
    Pediatric Opthalmalogy & Strabimus
    Oculoplastic & Ocular Oncology


Samitivej Sukumvit Hospital
The Eye Clinic
4th Floor, Building 2 at Samitivej Sukumvit Hospital
133 Sukumvit 49, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110

Phone: 66 (0) 2711-8998-9
Lasik Center: 66 (0) 2711-8861-2
Call Center: 66 (0) 2711-8181
Fax: 66 (0) 2391-1290

Location Map

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