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 Super Center Pattaya LASIK

At Bangkok Hospital Pattaya we have more than 100 specialists, fully trained nurses, well-trained staff who can speak more than 20 languages and high technology medical equipments. We serve over 300,000 patients annually and over 110,000 international patients are from 136 countries.

Pattaya Eye Center, our Eye Center provides the latest equipments and highest quality cost effective for eye care and is fully complemented with highly trained technicians, sub-specialists and ophthalmologists. In addition with a skilled and caring nursing staff and the result, we are tertiary specialist medical center for eye care.


  • Comprehensive eye examination
  • Diagnosis and treatment.
  • Visual Acuity Test (to determine if you need corrective lenses)
  • Test to measure your eye pressure
  • Microscopic Examination (of the front of the eyes)
  • Retinal Examination (to view the back of your eyes)
  • Refractive error (near and far sightedness and astigmatism)
  • Cataract, Glaucoma, dry or watery eyes
  • Drooping (inward or outward), turning eyelids
  • Itchy, pink eyes or Conjunctivitis
  • Foreign bodies on the Cornea, accident to the eyes
  • Lumps or cysts on the eyelids
  • Supersight Surgery

To ensure you of our best services, the team of specialists and experienced assistants at the Pattaya LASIK Center are ready to perform any type of refractive error correction with the Fifth Generation Excimer Laser System : Model MEL 80 from Germany, the latest technology for eyesight problems. LASIK is an effective high technology for refractive error correction with Microkeratome, the latest equipment to widen the cornea then shoot the laser to adjust the curve of the cornea painlessly with the most accurate result. The patient can return home on the same day after the operation.

Learn about LASIK

By learning more about LASIK, you are taking the first important step towards achieving improved, normal, natural vision. Most people who wear glasses and contact lenses wish that they did not have to. Now, thanks to advanced laser eye surgery, there is an decide if LASIK or Custom Lasik is right for you. If you decide that LASIK Eye Surgery or Custom Lasik is right for you, you will join more than 4 million people in the United states who are already enjoying the benefits of LASIK Laser Eye Surgery.

Super Center Pattaya LASIK

2nd Fl., Bangkok Pattaya Hospital
Tel. 66 - 38 - 259 - 939 , 66 - 38 - 427 - 777
E-mail :

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