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 Yanhee International Hospital

Yanhee Hospital provides you complete treatment for beauty and general disease for 24 hours. Moreover, our Oculist team is ready to provide you treatment through skills and experiences. It is opened for patient from all hospital either public or private hospitals. Yanhee hospital is well prepared and provides perfect accommodations.

For one with abnormal eye sights who has to be dependant to glasses or contact lens, more or less desires to be able to see your clock haning at wall immediately after waking up without having to grasp a pair of glasses. You want to dive or swim looking everything around clearly and naturally. This is new technology, alternative way which is even better and smarter, Lasik

What is Lasik
LASIK stands for Laser in Situ Keratomileusis which is a corrective method for abnormal eye sight. It starts from opening Cornea surface, use laser to adjust its curve at deeper level according to Oculist calculation. Close the cornea back and then you can see everything as clear as when you are wearing glasses or lenses.

Lasik is?
It is treatment for abnormal eye sight such as myopia, hyperopia and Astigmatism. It uses a tool called Microkeratome which is high accurate and safe to level Cornea surface out as thick as 1/3 of Cornes thickness or around 1.6 mm. The opened Cornea has node attached just like hinge at one side, then Oculist uses Excimer laser to readjust curve of Cornea at deeper tissue at amount related to quantity of abnormal eyesight to be

corrected, as calculated. For myopia, Laser readjust middle curve of Cornea down. For Hyperopia, Laser readjust middle curve of Cornea. For Astigmatism Laser readjust curve of Cornea to become more regular. After the re-adjustment, Oculist close Cornea back without stitching as the upper cornea tissue will be fused with deeper cornea naturally. Then the Cornea obtains new curve which enables light turning in accordance with eyeball length leading to clear vision.

Preparation for Lasik

  • Remove Soft Contact Lens at least for 3 Days
  • Remove Hard Contact Lens at least 1 week
  • The whole process takes 3 hours. The retina is expanded to check optical nerve, do not drive as vision will becomes dull after 4-6 hours of check up.

Recommendation before Lasik

  • Call to inform in advance if you cannot come for treatment in the appointment date and time
  • Having shower and hair wash before coming to hospital. Do not wear make up or use perfume.
  • Remove contact lens before operation, 3 days for soft lenses and 7 days for hard lenses
  • Wear easily to take out dress, should be button at front
  • Have food just as much as feeling okay. If feeling hungry, drink water or eat light snack
  • Bring one relative for taking care
  • If any abnormal sign shown, such as reddish eyes, discharge, cold, cough, sneeze, high fever. Etc. inform it to doctor. symptom

Recommendation after Lasik

  • Having eye pain or irritation after operation for 60-90 minutes are common. You probably feel like something struck in you eyes, uncomfortable, teary. Take pain relieve every 4-6 hours and sleep at least 6 hours to relieve the symptoms.
  • Close eye cover to prevent rubbing. Do not remove the cap until tomorrow that it will be removed at LASIK center.
  • Tie hair or clip it properly if you have long hair as it probably touch your eyes

Recommendations after Lasik Treatment

  • Avoid using eye sight continuously for long time within first 24 hours. Avoid driving, reading, watching TV or playing computer as it increases irritation.
  • Close eye cover cap for 7 Nights to prevent rubbing while sleeping
  • Avoid place with lot of dust or cigarette smoke. Do not let dust, cigarette smoke and water to contact eyes for 7 Days
  • After LASIK for 2 Days, you can get back to normal routine but do not doing exercise or any activity that need violent movement. Do not lift heavy objects. Do not let sweat to contact eyes. At first week, avoid wearing cloth through head. Avoid using eye make up. Do not put make up and do not let water to contact with eyes.
  • Do not swim for 1 month
  • Wear sunglasses every time exposing to sun for one month to prevent dust and comfort eyes

Treatment Fee

  • Lasik for Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism for one 25,000 Baht
  • Lasik for Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism for two 38,000 Baht


  • Pre Lasik Treatment is not included in the above price to be paid.
  • Laser treatment (ENHANCE) fee is included.

Yanhee International Hospital

454 Soi Charasanitwong 90, Bang-Aoh, Bang Plut, Bangkok 10700.
For more information, call 0-2879-0300. Fax. 0-2435-7545
Email :,

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