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Why Choose Lasik in Thailand  asia information

Thailand has become a hub for medical tourism in Asia and the rest of the world. Medical tourism has existed for centuries people from less developed countries traveled to more advanced places to see a Lasik surgery. Think of all the rich and famous who still travel to the US for their medical needs. While places like the US are still attractive for the mega rich, general traffic patterns have changed. Countries like Thailand have caught up with the development of medical science in the west and have at the same time been able to maintain their higher service levels and their considerably lower prices.

Key factors contributing to Thailand development into a global hub for medical tourism:

- Many foreigners accept fabricated Thailand their home and began to advance the chat about Thai medical services

- Early success enabled investment in world-class medical accessories and technology

- Low account levels in countries with nationalized bloom affliction

- High numbers of internationally trained, English-speaking Thai doctors

- International accreditation of Thai hospitals

- Thailand’s acceptability as the Land of Smiles: affable people, superb beaches and absurd food.

- Exorbitant healthcare costs in western countries

- Long cat-and-mouse lists for anaplasty in countries with government adapted healthcare

- Plane tickets to Thailand accept become added affordable

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